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Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further.
Mutual aid and recognition are part of our core values. That is why we want to put in the spotlight those who contribute to our success.

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Located on a beautiful little country road on the outskirts of the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, it is in a warm and authentic setting that Domaine Berthiaume invites you to enjoy every sip of your beer brewed on site. Originality and camaraderie will be at the rendezvous!

The brewing farm is one of our suppliers of dregs (cereal residues resulting from brewing).

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Located in Delson, Le bonheur est dans l'assiette is a versatile company offering home-cooked meals, ready-to-cook dishes and a catering service.

Combining our quality products with their love of food and culinary talents, we are proud to designate them as our official caterer for the processing of our meat.

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As its name suggests, Terego invites you to visit the terroir of Quebec in a rather fickle way. Their organization brings together a network of producers (agricultural and non-agricultural) who offer free parking space (no convenience) for RV. It is a good way to visit at low cost and thus discover the agro-tourist circuits of several regions.

Terego member? Come and meet us during one of your stay on the farm!

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Experts for nearly 20 years, winners of many agricultural awards, pigs have no secrets anymore for them. This pig farm produces the cream of the cream in term of piglets. Fed exclusively with their mother milk, the quality of their meat is incomparable.

Maître Cochon's nursery is our sole supplier of piglets.

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Experts depuis près de 20 ans, lauréats de nombreux prix agricoles, les cochons n'ont plus aucun secret pour eux. Cette porcherie produit la crème de la crème en frais de porcelets. Nourris exclusivement de lait maternel, la qualité de leur viande est incomparable.

La maternité de Maître Cochon est notre unique fournisseur de porcelets.

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