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Meat in full swing, let us prove to you that the lamb from Quebec has nothing to do with the lamb from New Zealand that you find in the supermarket. A culinary discovery that will surprise you!


Whole lamb

13,65 $ / carcass pound

Whole carcass cut to measure (pieces, weight of packages, etc.). Frozen and vacuum packed. 50 to 60 lbs per carcass.

À partir de :

682,50 $


Half lamb

14,00 $ / carcass pound

Half carcass cut to measure (pieces, weight of packages, etc.). Frozen and vacuum packed. Approximatively 25 lbs per carcass.

À partir de :


350,00 $



By piece

Price according to piece

Please refer yourself to the prices in the website's store.


À partir de :


Taxes not applicable.

Smoking and sausages in sus.

Mild Italian    

Spicy Italian           

911 Italian        

Tomato and basil

Honey and garlic 

Cheddar and bacon






BBQ Brazilian



Pork and veal


Lambs are born in the sheepfold. They stay there for the first month of life, alongside their mother, to allow their immune system to develop properly.

Their large enclosure allows them to evolve safely within the herd; a space specially arranged for the lambs allows them to penetrate without however letting the adult sheep pass through. Babies can have fun, rest and eat without being bothered by their mothers.


The sheep wean their own lambs. They are now independent; they eat hay and feed. The lambs are then transferred to a separate enclosure from their mothers.

They are grouped in small lots to avoid competition and to offer them a maximum area for comfortable development. A passage leading to the outside of the sheepfold allows them to go to the pasture.


As we produce heavy lamb, our animals can stay on the farm until about 10 months of age.
Lambs are considered ready to go when they weigh between 80 and 120 pounds.

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