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About us

Because every company has its own story, here’s a glimpse into what built us and what represents us today.

Who are we ?

Native and resident of Sorel-Tracy during her first two decades, it was love that caused Laurie-Anne Généreux to move to a small country row in Saint-Cyprien-de-Napierville. Passionate about animals and having always been close to agriculture through her horses, it all made sense when she joined Jean-Philippe Fortin. Originally from the municipality, he already had a solid foothold in the field of field culture, working for nearly 15 years for a farm in the region.


Our mission

It is from their common interest for the return to the land and food self-sufficiency that this project was born, little by little, first crazy but immediately logical and functional. Outraged by the poor quality of the groceries and the constant increase in the bill, they quickly began to produce their food. Beginning with eggs, followed by turkey and veal, they added pork, chicken and duck over the years. The goal is always to raise their animals on a small scale in an ethical way in order to meet the natural needs of each species. Putting the emphasis on the quality of care and nutrition, the strict management and the obvious well-being of their animals, one can only feel their pride of producing meat that does not contain any hormone or antibiotic.

Ethical and sustainable

Although quality is a key criterion in their production, the ecological aspect follows suit and plays an important role in several parts. In order to reduce the company’s ecological footprint, there is no choice but to think outside the box of conventional livestock and develop alternative methods. In a "zero waste" vision, we recover the dregs of the micro-breweries of the region in order to incorporate it into the feed rations. The farm thus helps to eliminate a production residue and thereby adds an important nutritional value thanks to the fibre, protein and carbohydrates contained in these cereals. Partnering with local grocery stores also allows to recycle unsold fruits and vegetables to provide healthy snacks to flocks.

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